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Journey time to Perth:
48 minutes
Services during Peak Time: Every 10 minutes (7am – 9pm and 4pm – 6pm)
Day-time offpeak frequency: Every 15 minutes

Bike parking
Bus transfer
Public toilets
Public telephone

Station Access – by bicycle
If you live within a 2km radius of the Mandurah Train Station, it will take you less than 8 minutes to ride your bike within the City of Mandurah
Bike lockers are provided adjacent to the bus drop off area at Mandurah Station. There is also short-term bicycle U-rail parking located adjacent to the Station entrance. For details on taking bikes on trains, visit the Transperth website

Station Access – walking
If you live within a 1km radius of the Mandurah Train Station as shown on the map, it will take you less than 15 minutes to walk to the station. Mandurah Station
Mandurah Station is located on the north-west corner of the intersection of Allnutt Street and Fremantle Road. The station has side platforms connected by a concourse at the end of the tracks. It is the terminal station for the train line and connected to the city centre by local feeder buses. The entrance buildings include the current bus station buildings located toward the Allnutt Street end of the site.

Station Access – by Bus
Catching a bus to your local train station is one cost-effective and convenient way to get there. Public transport within Perth is divided into 9 zones and your fare is determined by how many zones you cross within your journey. When you buy a Transperth ticket you don’t just buy a single ride on a bus, train or ferry, you buy 2 to 3 hours of travel on any Transperth service. Catching a bus to your closest train station instead of driving will mean you won’t have to try and find a car parking bay when you get there. Mandurah Foreshore Express Service – The City of Mandurah provides a shuttle bus service between the Station and Mandurah Foreshore. The service operates 7 days a week between 10am and 6pm (5pm during winter months) on a 20-minute frequency and primarily offers tourist’s access to the foreshore retail and cultural centre of Mandurah.

For further details on how to access the Mandurah Train Line Stations refer to the Transperth website at